Capstone Training and Development is the brainchild of the founder Maud Masiyiwa who in 2006; after spending over a decade in training and developing her own staff or team in travel operations, saw a need to take a more hands on approach to training and development especially in the tourism and hospitality sectors.


Capstone Training and Development is a truly empowered company that aims to be the preferred supplier of choice, embracing Africa’s inherent skills of hospitality and generosity by uplifting and empowering every individual we encounter, in order to build a better society.


  • Empower ordinary people through business savvy and technical skills development training.
  • Enable people to do the extra-ordinary, producing high quality products and services; and subsequently opening new markets and opportunities for trade; and in turn improve their livelihoods’ and that of others around them.
  • Encourage individuals to become creators of wealth and shareholders in their businesses and workplaces.
  • Endeavor to nurture enterprise Development within the Tourism and Hospitality Sectors to the Private, Public Sector and Non Government organizations.


The company is guided by three pillars, namely:

Excellence – is the first pillar that sets to demand that the training programmes on offer are both versatile and applicable across the African continent, meeting world class standards.

Flexibility – the second pillar is birthed from the belief that the industry is constantly changing and therefore individuals need to learn to multi skill and diversify within their given career path.

Networking – the final pillar is the belief that most major and small industries fundamentals are common throughout the continent and therefore a need arises for effective networking to be sustained at a national, regional and continental level by SMMEs.


Our Activities Include:

  • Specialized training workshops and seminars.
  • Business Mentorship and Coaching.
  • Opportunities for exhibitions locally and internationally.
  • Design and Develop industry related conferences with specific themes.
  • Educating the community about their environment through innovative approaches.
  • Creating and linking Entrepreneurs to new business opportunities on the continent.
  • Promote intercultural experiences – including music, food and attire, dance theatrical performances,
  • traditional weddings and events
  • Design and promote tour packages that link to community based tourism projects.


Our Solutions Include:

  1. Training
    Empowerment Programmes – through various skills programmes designed through our office and our link to the UN ILO programmes; we are able to build skills that provide Enterprise Development for various sub-sectors.Economic Discipline- short courses are run in order to assist Entrepreneur understand the role they play in uplifting the local economy of their community from their enterprise activity.Environmental Awareness- through the knowledge of elders, qualified botanists and environmentalists the community and visitor is taught the importance of our local flora and fauna.
  2. Development
    We propose and design various Enterprise Development and Corporate Social Investment projects and programmes.
  3. Public Speaking
    This will be on topical issues that affect and impact the industry on a daily basis and providing quick and turnaround solutions.
  4. Destination Management
    The company has a specialized unit that offers Destination Management services of a specialized individual-oriented array of services for leisure and business travelers, groups or individuals looking for a unique and unforgettable African experience.