Capstone Training and Development in partnership with Meadowlands Tourism Development Centre, Soweto, hosted a two-day Dialogue on “Responsible Tourism and Empowerment of Women in Southern Africa”. The Event was held at Crowne Plaza Hotel, Rosebank, Johannesburg, South Africa. More than 40 Delegates drawn from Nigeria, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe attended the Dialogue.

The Keynote address was delivered on behalf of Dr Sadiq by Ms Susan Kimathi, Programme Specialist, UN Women Southern Africa.

Brief summary of Dr Sadiq’s address:

Key Points:

  • The need for empowering women to build sustainable communities and economies;
  • Women are continuously trying to change their own circumstances, being the change they want to see;
  • The importance of the Platform for harnessing the activities to change their lives and
    That tourism is one of the world’s largest activities, cross boundaries and offers opportunities to women – low barriers to entry; deployed in areas where women are; a sector that can support and empower women.

He further outlined the challenges that women face and some of these are:

  • Securing the rights of workers – especially those in low levels jobs; Many jobs are informal and the rights of the workers are not protected;
  • Does not harness the potential of the communities in a sustainable way; Women are left behind and are looking everywhere for opportunities yet the communities hold these opportunities;
  • Women’s contribution are relegated to lower activities;
  • Roles are gender stereotyped;
  • Women are not given the real power to gain access to opportunities;
  • Hospitality – exploitation and the discrimination – affects negative issues – disease and socially unacceptable conditions for women

Recommendations: The following recommendations were made:

  • Enable women with the skills that are there
  • Legislation that is gender sensitive
  • Ensuring that policies are implemented and practically followed
  • Governments being held accountable to implementation to policies and the needs of women.

The dialogue was closed with vote of thanks from Ms Beulah Mosupye – Chief Director, at the National Department of Tourism, Pretoria, South Africa.

For Dr Sadiq’s full Keynote address and the 2day programme and the topics discussed click here…..

Prepared by: Joyce Nyandoro
Dialogue Convener

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